We Offer Unique Value.

At Global Shared Services, we empower restaurants with better accounting through a unique blend of expertise and efficient value.  Here’s what sets us apart.

Deep Expertise in Restaurant Accounting

We’ve worked with an extensive list of the nation’s leading restaurant chains. We understand franchisor requirements and make maintaining compliance easy.

Comprehensive, High-Level Service

Our team is built to handle every level of financial and accounting service – from standardized bookkeeping tasks to back-office technology consulting to CFO services.

Clear and Proactive Communication

Unlike many outsourced accounting firms, we prioritize clear and proactive communication to ensure high-quality service that meets your business needs.

Your Business Gets a Unique Advantage.

When you work with us, your restaurant business will access an accounting advantage that allows you to reach the next level of growth. Here’s what you’ll get.

The Ability to Easily Scale

Working with us unlocks your ability to seamlessly scale your business’s accounting functions as needed. Our teams can handle up to 4x the capacity of internal resources.

Dependable Data for Decision-Making

With GSS, you’ll be able to accumulate accurate data that drives business intelligence. Compliance is a given – better strategic decision-making capabilities is an advantage.

Cost-Efficient Accounting Service

From a cost perspective, working with GSS gives your business an efficiency that greatly improves on internal solutions and benefits your bottom line.

Restaurant Businesses Love Us.

“With GSS, we meet our franchisor requirements on time and with accuracy. The local CPA could not handle our volume. We are so happy to have made the change. GSS knows our business and our franchisor requirements.”


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