Global Shared Services is designed to provide your business with access to high-performance finance and accounting talent at an affordable cost.

We focus on clear and proactive communication, offer comprehensive finance and accounting services tailored to your needs, and have deep expertise in the restaurant and technology sectors. We’ll help you to scale your company with a finance and accounting team you can trust.


Grow Your Restaurant Business

We have deep experience in franchise operations and we’re laser-focused on accuracy and promptness in all of our services, from bookkeeping, to bill pay, to payroll.



Scale Your Technology Firm

Our services allow you to place full confidence in your financial and accounting capabilities. From operational F&A functions to full CFO replacement, we can help.

You should have access to experts.

Founded in 2003, we’ve worked with large corporations and small-to-medium businesses alike. Here’s what we’ve learned: access to expert financial and accounting services is a major factor in a business’ ability to succeed and scale. We believe that it shouldn’t be restricted by location or company size. Our mission is to empower restaurants and technology firms with that access.
With GSS, we meet our franchisor requirements on time and with accuracy. The local CPA could not handle our volume. We are so happy to have made the change. GSS knows our business and our franchisor requirements. Multi-unit fast sandwich Owner