Yet, many tech firms don’t utilize high-level talent for reasons that are understandable: it can be expensive, and hiring internally can be risky, especially in a volatile tech environment.

We believe that your technology business should be able to affordably access the expertise you need to succeed.

That’s why Global Shared Services offers outsourced CFO services your technology firm can rely on to guide strategic decisions, clarify processes, and ensure accuracy.

Choose a virtual CFO for your technology firm and unlock next-level growth.

We provide high-performance, end-to-end virtual CFO services you can trust, delivered by an expert consultant and tailored to the needs of your business. Choosing our CFO service gives your technology firm the financial insight you need to scale through operational efficiencies and effective decisions, without unnecessary overhead or risk.

Advanced CFO Services:


Get access to the insight you need to grow.

Our virtual CFO services for your technology firm include:

Accounts Receivable Processing

Ensure accuracy and promptness of customer payments to maintain consistent cashflow.

Accounts Payable Processing

Manage debt efficiently and accurately to enhance cash flow and vendor relationships.

Financial Statement Processing

Ensure optimized financial statements, prepared accurately and promptly to meet your business needs.

Stakeholder Interfacing

Access an expert who can integrate with other members of your operating team and communicate clearly with important stakeholders.

Strategic Guidance

Get financial planning, validation of business models, and insight into key strategic decisions based on high-level expertise.

Full Service Reporting

Get reports at month-end or alternate frequencies, customized to your technology firm’s business needs.

Are you ready to scale your technology firm with accounting and financial services you can trust?

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