McLean, VA, June 16, 2021––Finance and accounting firm Global Shared Services is proud to unveil a new strategic partnership with Jedox that will bring Fortune 100-level financial planning capabilities to the restaurant industry. Jedox provides a leading financial planning & analysis (FP&A) solution that was recently ranked number one for business benefits in BARC’s annual Planning Survey and a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Cloud FP&A Solutions.

“This partnership will transform financial data aggregation processes in the restaurant industry by making the dream a reality: all data in one place, without manual entry, so that budgeting and forecasting become functional processes,” said Will Fleming, President at Global Shared Services. “This is a higher level of planning and analysis than what’s been available to restaurants before.”

Before this partnership, most restaurant businesses have not had access to functional budgeting capabilities on a real-time basis. Traditional financial data platforms enable budgeting on a one-and-done basis, but the manual labor involved in updating data can make budgets increasingly irrelevant over the course of a year. By partnering with Jedox, Global Shared Services is changing that status quo.

Global Shared Services will build brand-specific portals within Jedox, connected to clients’ General Ledgers, Above Store Reporting, and Inventory systems, allowing restaurant businesses to access all of their financial data in one place with reporting built in. This makes planning more powerful and makes budgets meaningful so that businesses can make better decisions.

“We are excited to be adding Global Shared Services to our global partner network to provide even more flexible and scalable planning solutions to the restaurant industry,” said Dr. Liran Edelist, President, Jedox, Inc.

For restaurants that have been frustrated by fragmented systems, subpar predictive capabilities, and a lack of access to modern tools that support better performance, this partnership will change the game.

About Global Shared Services

Global Shared Services provides outsourced financial and accounting services to restaurant businesses in all 50 states. The company is built to handle every level of financial and accounting service – from standardized bookkeeping tasks, to back-office technology consulting, to predictive analytics and support to the CFO’s office. For more information about Global Shared Services, visit or contact [email protected].

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About Jedox                                                      

Jedox makes planning and Enterprise Performance Management seamless, in every organization, on any device, wherever the data resides. Their solutions provide reliable data, insights, and guidance to all users. Over 2,500 organizations in 140 countries trust Jedox to boost their performance, streamline business collaboration, and make insight-based decisions with confidence. Its ease-of-use and flexibility have earned Jedox high recommendation rates and recognition as a leader in its field by independent analysts worldwide. For more information about Jedox, visit

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