Successfully building a tech firm means maximizing efficiency. That’s true whether you’re looking to capture venture capital and scale quickly or build steadily through organic growth. It’s true across business functions.

It’s especially true when it comes to navigating an approach to accounting.

As many tech firms have found, internal accountants often require a commitment of more resources than would be required with an outsourced team. And outsourced teams are often best positioned to scale with a firm as it grows, too.

That market reality has been swiftly met by a growing number of firms offering outsourced accounting services, often from anywhere in the world at increasingly lower prices.

That can make outsourcing your accounting both desirable and intimidating.

Now that there are so many options, how can you go about choosing the right one?

You should have access to experts.

Founded in 2003, we’ve worked with large corporations and small-to-medium businesses alike. Here’s what we’ve learned: access to expert financial and accounting services is a major factor in a business’ ability to succeed and scale. We believe that it shouldn’t be restricted by location or company size. Our mission is to empower restaurants with that access.
With GSS, we meet our franchisor requirements on time and with accuracy. The local CPA could not handle our volume. We are so happy to have made the change. GSS knows our business and our franchisor requirements. Multi-unit fast sandwich Owner