Searching for the right outsourced accounting solution for your Taco Bell franchise restaurant can be quite frustrating. How do you know which company to choose? The accounting industry is saturated with outsourced accounting teams that provide great solutions—but there are very few who specialize in franchise restaurants and provide every service that you need, at an affordable price.

Don’t give up hope when digging for that needle in the haystack. Look for an outsourced franchise accounting for Taco Bell solution that accommodates these 7 criteria.

A Team Solution

Choosing to hire an outsourced accounting team over an outsourced bookkeeper comes with big benefits. You’ll never have to worry about being left high and dry when your accountant goes on maternity leave or has to take a sick day. With an accounting team, you’ll have an entire department at your disposal to ensure that your accounting is always completed on-time.

An accounting team also provides you with more brainpower than just your single accountant. The combined expertise of a team of individuals cannot be beaten by one person.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Don’t be afraid to ask your outsourced accounting department for Taco Bell about what technology they can offer you. A great outsourced accounting team can offer you paperless processes and the latest technology to ensure you get your reports efficiently and securely. Too often we hear about the latest cyberattack on the news. Working with an accounting team who uses outdated software puts you at risk. The latest software updates include increased security protections.

At GSS, our technology supports and guides our clients’ business needs. The latest cutting-edge solutions make your financial processes more efficient and easy-to-manage.

Specialize in Franchise Restaurants

There are accountants out there for everything. When choosing a great outsourced accountant for your Taco Bell franchise restaurant, it’s important to work with someone who understands your industry. A high-end accountant that specializes in fashion will probably do just about as good a job as the worst franchise restaurant accountant. Every industry has different needs, goals, and processes. Part of what makes a good accountant great is their understanding of what makes a particular industry tick.

Years of Expertise

Don’t choose an accounting team who has less than five years of experience. Outsourced accounting for Taco Bell is fast-paced and needs to be accurate. Margins in the franchise restaurant industry are notoriously small. Inaccurate or slow accounting processes could cause serious problems for your restaurant.

When you work with an accounting team who can offer you years of experience in the franchise restaurant industry, you cut the possibility of mistakes based on inexperience down to zero.

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Scalable Solutions

When you work in franchise restaurants, you can go from just one unit to 30 in just a few years. Your outsourced accounting department needs to be able to scale with your growth throughout the lifetime of your business. Imagine having to find a new outsourced accounting department every few years. There’s the risk of losing data every time you switch, which could cost your business accounting efficiency and important year-over-year records.

A scalable outsourced accounting for Taco Bell solution will feature a wide variety of services, from just bookkeeping to in-depth financial strategy. This means they’ll be able to accommodate the increased needs of a larger client. Discuss scalability with the outsourced accounting team before signing a contract. What is the range of units they can handle? Look for a high-quality service that services a wide range of sizes.

Level of Service that You Need

Some outsourced accounting firms may offer you advice at every step along the way. This could be a double-edged sword. For a small one-unit Taco Bell owner who is just starting out, some advice could be hugely beneficial. However, this advice needs to be appropriate for your level of financial understanding. A larger multi-unit Taco Bell owner may desire to have in-depth financial level strategy supplied to them at every major decision-making event. But a one-unit Taco Bell owner could be overwhelmed at the in-depth level of strategy and want to just have monthly reports and help to reach smaller goals.

When searching for the right outsourced accounting team for your Taco Bell franchise restaurant, consider what type of service you’re looking for. Evaluate all of the options and look for customizable packages that will meet your needs.

Audit Support

Few things are more stressful than a business audit. The mountain of paperwork required can be overwhelming, the accuracy and detail needed can seem impossible to achieve. A business audit is when you’ll need the most support from your outsourced accounting for Taco Bell teams. Ensure that they offer audit support before you sign the contract- you’ll find yourself regretting it very quickly if you don’t.

Choosing the right outsourced accounting team can be overwhelming and difficult. At GSS, we make the decision easy. Download our eBook to learn all you can about how we can service your franchise restaurant.

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