The following is an excerpt from our monthly newsletter sent by Will Fleming, President of GSS.

There is a lot of turmoil in the restaurant industry right now. There is a severe worker shortage, retaining employees is more challenging than ever, vendor relationships are increasingly complicated, and more. 

In some ways, this summer has felt harder than it was in the middle of COVID. At that point, restaurants had stimulus money, and there was a “we’re in this together” mentality. Today, the industry is fighting amongst itself, and everyone feels like they are going out of business (all the while demand is up).

COVID changed many things and introduced new challenges. That said, if we take a step back, many of these aren’t new problems, just old problems made more immediate. We have always had to deal with hiring, retention, and stakeholder challenges. 

The “Quick Fix”

As a reaction to this landscape, I have been hearing many companies offering “quick fixes” to these problems – often new technology that, once implemented, promise to fix your HR or finance issues. 

Technology can’t fix these problems. It never has, and it never will. 

Often, implementing the latest and greatest technology is an expensive exercise in feeling good about progress that isn’t really happening.

Many restaurant owners find themselves frantically trying to fix these age-old problems with shiny new solutions that promise more than they can deliver. Unfortunately, these end up kicking the can down the road and lead to even more chaos in the long term.

The Solution to Chaos isn’t More Chaos

You can still succeed in this environment. Everyone is running into the same problems that you are, and the solutions aren’t revolutionary.

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It’s time to go back to the basics.

Take a moment to step back, and figure out what has made you great up to this point. I bet it isn’t new software.

Our VP of sales talked about this last year in a LinkedIn video in which he hypothesized that 2021 would be a time for restaurants to get back to the basics and leverage what made them great in the first place. I think that rings true today. 


>> Click here to watch the full video  The companies that win are reconnecting with vendors and customers, being creative around their employee benefits, and using technology as it was meant to be – as a tool. 

The Role of Technology

Let me make something clear – properly using technology is critical. None of what I have said should be interpreted to the contrary.

At GSS, we are constantly upgrading our technology. For example, we have been heavily investing in a partnership with Jedox to provide fortune-100-level financial planning and budgeting tools without the enterprise price tag.

>> Click here to learn more about our partnership with Jedox

What’s important is to know what technology will accomplish. This new platform we are building won’t solve all of your financial woes, just like a hammer won’t drive in a nail. 

Technology is an enabler, a time-saver, and an invaluable resource in problem-solving. But problem-solving itself, that’s done through relationships, the pursuit of excellence, and the other age-old tools that built your business into what it is today.

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[STOP] If you are feeling overwhelmed with handling financing and accounting for your franchise, you shouldn't be -> Let's Talk

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