Outsourcing can be a difficult topic. It can be hard to trust an outside company with your finance and accounting information. But there are some really great benefits as well. You can receive a quality product without having to hire an entire new department or retrain a large part of your staff.

Hiring a virtual CFO is a big part of those benefits.

When you use a virtual CFO, you have expertise based on years of experience to back you up in high pressure situations. First time merging with another company? Raising equity? Your virtual CFO can be there to support you through all the big decisions.

You can avoid some of the challenges of outsourcing by understanding exactly what a virtual CFO can provide you with from the start. Let’s take a look at five benefits a virtual CFO can offer you and your company.

Big Picture Financial Advice

Virtual CFOs help your company when you need it most. Imagine negotiating the terms of merger without backup. You’re all alone and walking into a boardroom filled with your competitor’s experts.

Imagine walking into that same boardroom with a virtual CFO who has decades of experience right by your side. Take the stress out of the situation with the support that you need to make the best decisions for your company.

A virtual CFO offers you critical advice for big picture situations like mergers, acquisitions, and raising equity. Situations like these are not the time to make mistakes. Make sure you avoid them with the help of your big picture expert—your virtual CFO.

Expert Talent

Outsourcing your accounting to a virtual CFO means that you’re gaining the expertise of someone whose only focus is big picture finance and accounting—your finance and accounting. A virtual CFO isn’t attempting to juggle restaurant management and finances or the stresses of a tech startup along with financial issues that you may not have the experience to deal with.

[STOP] If you are feeling overwhelmed with handling financing and accounting for your franchise, you shouldn't be -> Let's Talk

A virtual CFO has taken the time to acquire the years of experience that will solve your financial problems and reassure you that your finances are in good hands. While your team may be able to handle the day-to-day financial handling of a franchise or startup, your virtual CFO is a huge asset when it comes to situations that truly require the expertise of someone who’s been there and done that.

Don’t risk making a mistake with big financial decisions by attempting to go it alone. With a virtual CFO, you have someone with the expertise you need at your disposal.

Maximum Return on Your Investment

When you outsource your finances, you’ll receive the benefits of the latest technology that your company alone would not have been able to afford for your one-man accounting department. This technology can include paperless processes and cutting-edge solutions that will make your processes, streamlined, and more efficient.

But don’t forget the return on your investment into a virtual CFO. Imagine if you made a mistake in the middle of a merger. Your company could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars because you didn’t have the experience to understand what was happening. A virtual CFO can protect you from making these types of big-deal mistakes. When you invest in a virtual CFO, you’re not only investing in their expertise, but in what mistakes they can prevent.


When you pick the right virtual CFO, you’ll get maximum quality for a minimal investment. Most virtual CFOs can accommodate a range of budgets based on which services you need. If you’re a small company and you only need one or two services, then you can set a budget that reflects that. But if you’re a larger company and need the full range of CFO services, than a virtual CFO will be able to accommodate your needs for less than the cost of an avoidable mistake you made when raising equity.

Global Shared Services provides services to accommodate the needs and budgets of a wide-range of businesses. Whatever your budget, a virtual CFO can accommodate your needs.

Quality That Comes from Experience

With a virtual CFO, you know you’re getting years of experience in the F&A industry. GSS was founded in 2003 and can now boast over a decade in the finance and accounting industry. Regardless of business location or company size, our focus has always been on providing finance and accounting services at a price below the market and at a performance level above it. We’ve worked with large corporations and small-to-medium businesses alike, in locations across the United States.

And our high-level virtual CFOs have years of experience under their belts. This experience creates the foundation for the quality that you receive with a virtual CFO. When you hire a GSS virtual CFO, you aren’t paying for someone who has the CFO title, yet less than five years’ experience on the job. At Global Shared Services, your virtual CFO has decades of experience with which they can guide your financial decisions.

[STOP] If you are feeling overwhelmed with handling financing and accounting for your franchise, you shouldn't be -> Let's Talk

Choose the Right Virtual CFO for Your Company

Global Shared Services can offer you a virtual CFO with the customization, affordability, expertise, and quality that your business needs when it comes to high-pressure situations. Make the decision to choose a virtual CFO easy.

We focus on clear and proactive communication, offer comprehensive finance and accounting services tailored to your needs, and have deep expertise in the restaurant and technology sectors. We’re experts in restaurant accounting and franchise accounting, and we’ll help you scale your company with a virtual CFO that you can trust. Contact GSS today and we’ll show you how we can help your business processes run seamlessly.

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