An operations report provides critical information about a business’ operations to owners, management, vendors and even customers. Operations reporting for franchise restaurants performed daily can allow you to stay informed about business conditions. With their help, you will be able to make better decisions about your franchise restaurant.

With operations reporting, management can quickly pass down information that needs to be relayed to the team on the floor. This allows immediate intervention from the team to solve underlying issues or prevent potential problems from occurring. Thus, it is important for you to have a winning strategy that ensures the success of your operation’s reporting. However, this will only be possible if you avoid the following 3 common mistakes made in operations reporting for franchise restaurants.

1. Not Including What the Team Actually Needs

The team at your franchise restaurant is occupied with operational tasks. Team members spend most of their time at work providing service to your customers and solving any issues that may occur. Therefore, they will not appreciate anything that takes them away from their core tasks. This makes it essential to consider what information your team actually needs before starting to draft an operations report for your franchise restaurant. Communicate with each team at your franchise restaurant to determine which items need to be included in the operations report.

2. Including More Data Than Needed

We live in a data-driven world where access to the right data improves team performance and decision making to drive success for a business. However, tracking and reporting every aspect of your franchise restaurant—just because it’s possible—will lead to information overload that confuses and deters readers of the operations report.

No one—including the team at your franchise restaurant—has the time to go through a lengthy report to find the information they need. Therefore, it is important to create an operations report that summarizes the information needed by the reader with clear interpretations and recommended next steps. This will improve the reliability of your operations report.

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3. Not Considering Outsourcing as an Option

While many large enterprises  have entire departments dedicated to operations reporting, this luxury is not afforded to small-scale businesses like your franchise restaurant. Why outsource operations reporting for franchise restaurants? By outsourcing your franchise restaurant’s operations reporting, you get to focus squarely on important matters related to your core competency. All this, while your franchise restaurant’s operational reporting needs are being met in a cost-effective way. With outsourced operational reporting services, you get daily account audits, production records, cash-on-hand records, and full-service reporting.

At Global Shared Services, we have some of the best talent and software in the world for operational reporting. With us, you get high-performance, end-to-end operational reporting that you can trust. These services are delivered by a team of experienced professional and tailored to the needs of your restaurant business. Outsourcing your franchise restaurant’s operational reporting to us will provide you with streamlined processes and the ability to scale through operational efficiencies.

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